The Spit and Snot Video (Human Kleenex)
Spitty Breakfast
Drown In 7 Ounces Of Our Sticky Spit Slave
Covering Your Face With Our Sticky Spit
A Flood of Spits and Pre-Chewed Food
Princess Smiley Spit Mirror and he licks it clean
Spitting and Chewing Gum Humiliation
Spit All Into His Mouth!
Smiley and Nikki disgusting spitting
Spit Shots 4
Spit Shots 3
Spit with flema adoctrination
Dunked In Our Gooey Spit Bath!
Nikki and Rachel spit heaven
Spit for the Breakfast P3
Spit for the Breakfast P2
Spit for the Breakfast P1
Stupid Slave Pig
Rubber Tech Sweat & Spit Therapy!
Spit for the Breakfast P4
Amirah Adara spits on him
Lady Lilli
The slave pig is humiliated
Pre-chewed, spit in mouth and eating disgusting food